LEAD Updates

First LEADers

Our first LEAD lawyers on exchange were:

Seruwaia and James exchanged offices for the period 1 – 26 August 2016 where James, spent the period at Shekinah Law, Suva, Fiji and Seruwaia flew to Brisbane, Australia on secondment to Corney & Lind Lawyers.

Presentations made during the LEAD period

In Brisbane

Seruwaia presented on Practicing Law as a Young Christian Lawyer in Suva, Fiji and had great encouragement for the Corney & Lind Lawyers in Brisbane.

A copy of her presentation is here.

You can watch an interview on Seruwaia’s reflections at the conclusion of her secondment here.

Seruwaia’s secondment period in pictures: 

In Fiji

James made a number of presentations to the Christian Legal Fellowship in Suva, Fiji.  His presentations were a three-part series delivered at the Suva Business Centre and we have made them available here:

You can watch a summary of James’ reflections at the conclusion of his secondment here.

James’ secondment period in pictures: 

Read the Full Reflections on the exchange by James and Seruwaia and the Receiving and Hosting firms.