Our Time is Now – Reflections from the KILN Team at the Cambridge Convocation 2022

The 2022 Global Faith & Law Convocation was held in the beautiful Cambridge Union Society building in the historic debating hall. With a theme of Our Time is Now  there was a sense of urgency that, like Queen Esther, “our time is now” to act from our positions as sons and daughters of God living in the current troubled times with God’s message of hope. Will we speak up? Will we step out in faith for God’s purposes and His Kingdom?

With over 40 countries represented, the convocation was co-hosted by Faith & Law Around the Globe (USA); The Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship (UK), Christ und Jurist (Germany), and Christ und Recht (Germany). There were brilliant topics woven together on faith and law that brought updates, encouragement and practical application.

A few stand-outs for us were the sessions on Justice Matters: The Gospel as the Foundation of Legal Practice, by Resident Magistrate HHJ Graeme Smith (UK); Becoming a Leader of Influence, Justice Michael Chibita (Uganda) and Brian Trujillo (USA); and What’s Next? Transforming Your Sphere of Influence, Roger Osbaldiston (Germany).

Our KILN Team in attendance were Laurel Vaurasi (FJ), Heilala Tabete (AU) and Brent McBurney (US). They also attended a network dinner pre-convocation with an opportunity to briefly introduce KILN and share about the KILN work and vision in their region to a wider group of similar associations and entities. And were also invited to present on KILN Kenya at the International Advocates Open Day. Having met with a number of delegates and association representatives from different parts of the world, learning much of their concerns and praying with them was a highlight for this group.

Our KILN Team: Brent (USA), Heilala (AU), Laurel (Fiji).
Debating Hall, Cambridge