#KILN2025 Theme: Justice on the Edge

In a recent KILN Global Committee meeting, our Australian team shared how they sought God through fast and a Bible devotion together to seek God’s leading on a theme for KILN 2025. Both ladies independently arrived at the idea of centering the conference around social justice, potentially titling the Conference “Justice in the Margins” or “Justice on the edge”. The suggestion was made that the conference theme would feed into the creation of a program that moved away from traditional KILN program topics and instead explored various legal practice areas, emphasizing how faith can be applied in what is often emotionally charged law areas. They drew inspiration from Amos 5:24:

“But let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream”

pondering what it meant to participate in God’s work as legal practitioners.

The emphasised the need to avoid sounding patronising and focusing instead on raising awareness of marginalised areas and individuals. They highlighted the importance of aligning legal practice with Jesus’ teachings, shedding traditional biases to embrace righteousness and meeting the needs of others.

Interesting, while doing the bible study they found 7 concerns to God’s heart and found how these concerns fitted neatly into seven practice areas. These areas include the broken-hearted – family law; the orphans – child protection; the disenfranchised – indigenous peoples; the vulnerable – the disabled; the prisoners – criminal law, youth offending, restorative justice; the foreigners – migration law; and the widow – estate law.

Finally, the team emphasised the enduring relevance of biblical justice and the need for innovative approaches in our current context. And while the program slowly takes shape, the found a lovely confluence that resonated with Brisbane’s identity as a river city.