We have had such great response from lawyers around the globe signing up to KILN and giving short testimonies of the wonderful work of God in their lives and within their work.

We thought to share a few of the stories we’ve received.

We hope it encourages you, as it did us 🙂

Thank you so much for this article, it is indeed a very encouraging one. God bless you all. ~ Solomon Islands (post publication of 1st newsletter)

Great to be part of this revolution. ~ Fiji

I have been in a few of your workshops and have been inspired especially when you acknowledge the ultimate leadership of the Holy Spirit parallel to the profession. I am focusing on becoming a lawyer. I have never regretted or looked back but I keep striving with the help of the Almighty God, everytime I feel like giving up in my studies. ~ Fiji

He’s taken me to the highest places; has brought me down to my knees so that I may understand that He is the author and finisher of my faith. I thank Him for his providence and his faithfulness. Even though I continually let Him down, He never leaves me nor forsakes me. His blood covers me and but for His grace, I would be nothing. Thank you Lord Jesus for sustaining me all these years. ~ Fiji

Please sign me up. I would like to be in the loop. Saw the Proctor article – Well Done. ~ Brisbane, Australia

Christian since 1989. Involved in creative ministries. ~ Brisbane, Australia

I had a quick look at the listing and was encouraged to see so many names, and even someone else in Canberra! Thanks for linking the articles too, it’s great to hear of the success of the LEAD program so far. Please let me know, if you have any prayer points, or if there is anything else I can be doing to support KILN as it grows. ~ Canberra, Australia

I found the Lord Jesus when I was a law student in Vanuatu, where the law campus for the University of the South Pacific is situated. I am now in my 13th year of post admission practice. I firmly believe that, through my vocation as a lawyer, one of the most effective ways to share the power and reality of God is through the quality and caliber of my work. For me, this involves asking the Holy Spirit daily, for the plan for each day, wisdom and clarity of mind and oral expression in the preparation of written work and oral submissions. What I am still working on, is to be more deliberate and intentional about praying for my files, my clients (which can be difficult at times), my colleagues, the judicial officers I appear before and those that hold leadership roles in the administration of justice in Fiji. ~ Fiji

Just heard about KILN. What a great idea. I’m a Christian ex-lawyer and aeronautical engineer working in a commercial role. Experienced in aircraft engineering maintenance contracts, procurement, aircraft and engine leasing, insurance and finance. I would be happy to help out in some way. ~ Brisbane, Australia

Please sign me up. I would like to know of your future events and am also keen to know more about LEAD. ~ Auckland, NZ

I am a Christian Lawyer been saved for 19 years . Love the lord with all my heart and have seen his power in my life. ~ Coventry, England

I have been part of the Christian Fellowship since High School, and had been a treasurer for the Christian Fellowship at the Vanuatu Law Campus for the University of the South Pacific. I love Jesus and want to spread his word whilst also bringing justice to those who want it. ~ Port Vila, Vanuatu

I became a Christian through university ministry around 9 years ago. I attend a local Anglican church. ~ Sydney, Australia

For me, its about “Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Lean not on your own understanding. Acknowledge him, and he shall set your path straight. 🙂 ” ~ Fiji

Come from a Christian family and trying my best to live a life pleasing to our King 🙂 ~ Fiji

We are thrilled by these developments. I have joined up as a friend of KILN. Do you have the proposed Conference dates in January? If you wish I would be delighted to Skype with you to see how we can serve you. ~ Adelaide, Australia

I am a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ since I was a teen and I have enjoyed christian fellowship and members at the Trinity Baptist Church Nairobi, Kenya since the year 1999 where I relocated for my undergraduate studies. There is nothing better than serving Jesus Christ in this world and sometimes I wonder ‘how and why’ Christ had mercy to forgive me and call me His child. ~ Nairobi, Kenya

I received the Lord Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior when I was 12 years old. Best decision ever 🙂 ~ Fiji

My parents separated when I was young and living with relatives introduced me to different denominations. My paternal side was predominantly Mormon but my maternal side were Methodists, so basically I grew up knowing God, but lost my way when I came to my rebellious younger years. I wanted to experience what the world was like, not that I took drugs or anything…but I just fell short of God’s purpose for me. I wasn’t living right with God. I thank God that his plans for me prevailed that I am always reminded of his love for me, no matter how fast or far I fall, He was always ready to accept me with open arms. Joining a work environment and Team that believes in Christ brought me back to His feet, to be steadfast in prayer,and always seeking the council of the Holy Spirit in everything I do. ~ Fiji

Growing up I faced a lot of challenges both internally and external. I felt bad and sad about how there was a lot of bad things happening in our world and I really wanted to make things better. I did not know how or when I was going to do this, or even if I am able to do it. But there is one thing I was certain about, the resonating call that echoed through out my entirety. That come what may, I will give the best that I have to offer in this life that I lead. For God has a plan for me, He made me the way I am for a reason, He challenged me in ways unimaginable that I may be stronger to serve His cause. So slowly yet surely, I grew from a scared little child, to a rebellious teenager skipping school, to a stubborn young man determined to let nothing stand in his way, to where I am today. Where I am today, still has challenges that I have not foreseen while growing up, however, with the knowledge, wisdom and experiences that I have gained though out my journey (including my profession), I am in a position where I can contribute some measure of good in this world. Its a difficult burden to carry the weight of the world on ones shoulders, very easy to surrender and I have on many occasions – but Lord if this is my path, and my cross to bear then let Your will be done. ~ Honiara, Solomon Islands

I have been a Christian all my life but didn’t really understand the importance of my role as a Christian. The principles of Christ’s teachings have been embedded in me growing up in a Christian home. I’ve always felt protected by God but did not really appreciate why I felt protected. In other words, I took God’s love for granted. My marriage came tumbling down in 2003 and by 2006 I decided to pursue a career in law. I had an inkling that God was guiding me to do law, but did not make much sense at the time. I wondered why? Today, I can confidently say that God just wanted me to understand one thing – That HE LIVES! He lives in everything that I see, touch, feel, taste and hear, and most of all He lives in me. I used to think that I chose to become a lawyer so I could understand my rights as an injured party in a matrimonial case. Now I know that it is God Who ordained me to be His advocate and I take this seriously by continuing my walk in faith, learning more so I can grow in my profession as a lawyer. ~ Nottingham, England

I was born in Tonga and raised in a strong Methodist based family. From infancy I was taught of God’s love, with my ancestors being devout missionaries to the Solomon Islands (great grandma buried there), Samoa (great-great grandfather Rev Sione Hafoke buried in Piula College). So a day shy of my 12th birthday in ’96 in the midst of a Franklin Graham crusade in Brisbane I gave my life to Christ & have journeyed with the Lord daily through it all He guides me. All I have is because of the Father & the sacrifices of the son, with guidance by the Holy Spirit. I am now married with a former missionary. We both share & grow in our faith. ~ Brisbane, Australia

I am a Christian. I attend Father’s House Bible Church in Warri, Delta State, Nigeria. My faith journey has been very interesting. Though I was born into a Christian family, it was in 2008 that I consciously took steps to strengthen my faith journey. At about this time, I was still a law student. When I was called to the Nigerian Bar in 2013 I told myself I did not want to practice law the way it is being practiced in my country as it seen as a profession of dishonest people. I kept searching for the true way to practice it without offending God. Few months later I found the secret in Exodus 23. I started putting into practice God’s word in Exodus 23. I have applied it in all the cases I have done since I started practicing law. What I understand from Exodus 23 which concerns the practice of law is that you do not pervert justice whether for the rich or the people. In other words, as Christian lawyers we are supposed to show impeccable honesty boldness in the practice of law. The latest of the successes I have recorded in this type of practice was between the month of may, june and july which concerns a case I did in Dubai, United Arab Emirates where God proved to all including me that He is the true judge as anything done in his name honestly will bring forth good fruits. God is indeed awesome. This is just a little of my faith journey I have for now. ~ Warri, Delta State, Nigeria

Honestly I have always been attending church and join other activities organized by my congregation being the Ekalesia Kelisiano Tuvalu (formerly named London Mission Society) but with little active participation whatsoever. Recent challenges in my life and that of my children have tested my faith and shaken us to the core of our spiritual lives. I intend to relive my life and that of my children through my support to them in a journey that has the Lord in everything we plan, do or endure. ~ Funafuti, Tuvalu

I grew up in the Lutheran Church and eventually made my own personal decision to accept Christ as my personal Lord and saviour. I’ve since been attending an ACC member church. I found a job in which I could practise my faith through the work I do, firstly as their in-house lawyer and now in an Executive position. I was brought up in a Christian family, but made my own personal commitment to Jesus Christ at the age of 18. I have had my ups and downs along the journey, but God has been truly gracious throughout. I was born and raised in Zimbabwe (Southern Africa), studied law and worked as a human rights lawyer in Zimbabwe, prior to moving to the United States where I continued working as a human rights lawyer, pursued studies in International law, worked for the UN, before migrating to Australia in 2006. I’ve continued in law since (initially in private practice and now in the Not for profit sector. It is an honour and a privilege to be working for an organisation that has a mission of ‘Shining the Light of Christ into communities’ as it allows me to express my faith in my day to day work. I currently have oversight of the Legal , Privacy, Risk, Internal Audit and Compliance functions of the organisation. I feel blessed and honoured to be doing the work I do. ~ Brisbane, Australia

I learned about KILN and as a Christian private lawyer, I am interested in the network after reading its Mission. ~ Kigali, Rwanda

I am a member of an evangelical Anglican church in Pitt Town, NSW. I grew up in a Christian family in the United States and immigrated to Australia with my wife and my oldest child in 2012. It was during University reading Martin Luther’s Bondage of the Will that my own faith reached a deeper point in fully realising the depths of my need for Jesus and God’s sovereign grace through what He has done in Jesus being the only way we can be reconciled with Him. Through all trials in my life, it is my faith in Jesus that gives me hope and pointed towards the New Creation to come. ~ NSW, Australia

I have grown up in the church. At first, it was just religious- doing things because my parents (especially my mum) said so. However, as I grew up and after accepting Jesus as my Lord and Saviour in my teenage years, everything changed and I’ve never looked back since. I have been heavily involved in the youth ministry of my local church and also in youth movements in Port Moresby and keen on making connections with like minded Christian lawyers in the Pacific and around the world as well. ~ Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

I grew up in a Christian household and was baptised into the Church of England. I am currently a practising Christian and have done so for many years, though recently I’ve felt lost for some time, and without purpose, and I would like to find a refocus on my journey. ~ London, England

I have recently finished up with the Queensland Police Service after 20 years and am now undertaking a Bachelor of Laws. I am an Anglican and am in the discernment process in order to become ordained (hopefully), where I would like to serve as an honorary priest, whilst helping those in need practicing as a lawyer. A long journey, but with God’s grace I will come out the other side. ~ Brisbane, Australia